assignments & grading

Grading criteria
During the course we will be completing several lab exercises with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. These exercises will not be graded, but are intended to give you a better understanding of the software tools and to get you ready you for the four projects. However, if their quality is exceptional, they can be considered for raising grades in particular cases. You can also lose points for not completing them on time. We will do in-class reviews both of exercises and projects.

Be prepared to work on projects outside of class. You will be able to work during sessions but that will not be enough. It is your responsibility to organize your time in order to meet the deadlines. Consider your production speed and make plans accordingly. Always work in advance. Please note that the lab will sometimes be locked when you expect otherwise. If this is the case, please do not contact me as I have no control over lab access. Regardless of such circumstances,
you are still expected to complete your assignments on time.

A note about lab hours: The computer labs are in use all day from Monday through Thursday
for classes, but should be open for general use on Fridays and the weekends.

If you would like to be able to work on your own computer, you you may sign up for the Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows you access to every piece of software in the Adobe Library at an education price of $19/month. I highly recommend this, especially for students who may be planning to take more than just Introduction to Graphic Design.

There are several expectations that you should meet in order to get a high grade. These are the general grading criteria I will be using for the projects:

1. Every project must be completed on time
2. Spatial organization and structure of design elements that exhibits an understanding of
design principles
3. Use of color that exhibits an understanding of design principles
4. Use of type that exhibits an understanding of design principles
5. Creativity
6. Attendance

Your overall grade for this course will be based on the following components:

Point value

Identity Design

Promotional Design

Magazine Design


Information Design


In-class and take home exercises
In order to complete these assignments correctly, you will need to keep up with the reading and lectures during class. More particulars about each assignment will be given in class.

Identity Design
In this project you will create the visual identity for you or for your own company using Illustrator. You will name it (you can use your name), design a logo, business card and letterhead.

Promotional Design
This exercise consists of the creation of either two promotional posters or two magazine covers on one topical subject. You must do some research about the topic and then develop the art work for both the design and the graphics. You can use photos, but they must be either taken by yourself, an approved campus organization or student (with permission) or used as sources for creating an illustration (do not use photos from the Internet directly). You will be responsible for any promotional text and information that accompanies the project.

Magazine Design
You will be provided with copy, photos and art for a 6 page (3 spread) magazine article. Design
your spreads as if the article is to appear in an existing magazine, for example TIME or Newsweek or Entertainment Weekly. Files and magazine choice to be determined.

Information Design
This project consists of the creation of an informational graphic. You will be required to research, write and create art/charts/maps/diagrams for a half-page graphic.